Cashmere Poncho-Olive



100% Cashmere Poncho, handcrafted in Nepal. Super soft, incredibly luxurious and only gets better the more it’s worn. With an asymmetrical neckline, the poncho can be worn several ways. Perfect for cool evenings, keeps you warm in air-conditioned restaurants and offices and makes the perfect gift as one size fits most! Wonderful bridesmaid gift, mother/mother in law gift and the best travel companion! Folds or rolls into a small square that easily fits into your purse/tote.

27″ square
2 ply Cashmere
Measures approximately 34″-36″, depending on how much you “cowl” the neckline, when points are worn down
15″ from “V” when seam is in front
Since each poncho is handmade, please allow for 1″ discrepancy on measurements

Cashmere, no matter the cost of the garment, will pill or develop bobbles. They should be removed gently with either a sweater comb or a shaver designed specifically for knits. Pills/bobbles will decrease as item is worn. There is also a slight amount of lint when the item is new. This also decreases as the garment is washed/dry cleaned.

Dry clean or hand wash, gentle soap such as baby shampoo. Do not twist or wring. Lay flat on clean towel and dry away from sun and heat. May be steam ironed to remove wrinkles. Poncho becomes softer the more it is worn and will last you many years with proper care. Enjoy!

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