New Paris Divas With Wings!


Just in from Paris, new Diva Doll Necklaces! Many of the new feature wings and one even has a “camo” outfit!

New Paris Brooches

Watercolor Poncho

Blue Q Here! **Please Read Description Below**


That being said, they are outrageously funny, highly inappropriate and perfect for that “special” someone! Most socks have sayings that include profanity/dirty words but there are a few that could be given to teens, teachers, coaches and grandparents. They are the perfect stocking stuffers, pun intended!

Men’s and Ladies, back in stock!

One of many styles in Men’s and Ladie’s!

Funny Ringmaster Story

While at the Grape Stomp a group of ladies came up to purchase a pair of Ringmaster socks. They were all laughing and said they had the perfect recipient for the socks. Ended up one of the gals was married to the superintendent of their school system! Hilarious! I bet you know someone who would “rock” the socks!

Available in Men’s and Ladies!

Back in stock!!

Hey Everyone,

After a much needed warm weather vacation, I am renewed, relaxed and ready for business! New cashmere is here and the most popular color, Silver Violet, is back in stock. Seriously, this color has outsold black! I think it’s because the color looks great on everyone, it can be worn year round and lets face it, cashmere is a great cuddle!

The Spring/Summer schedule is being worked on and I will hopefully have that information for you in a month or so. I can tell you that nothing will happen before mid April so if you are looking for spring break wraps or even early Mother’s Day gifts, online is your best bet. Free shipping too!

Silver Violet Cashmere Back in Stock!